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Furniture with marquetry inlay buy marquetry tables Marquetry - kind of mosaic, the image is created by gluing on the basis of small plates made of different colors and textures of valuable tree species. The secrets of this art craft survived the centuries, art was the forerunner of intarsia - picture of the wooden plates crashed into a foundation. This furniture has served for a long time, hereditary. In Europe Marquetry flourished during the Renaissance, for the production of furniture used wood pear and lemon, apple and walnut, maple and ash. The richness of textures allows you to create complex compositions with the play of shadow and light, small parts were made using an engraving. The first experience in this technique in Russia belong to the era of Peter the Great, the master performed ornamental figures, landscapes, pictures with views of the capital, landed estates.

When choosing colors it is important to know and keep in mind that some breeds wood darken after applying the varnish protecting a dial pad from the environment, moisture, light. Some items may eventually fade and image, obtained after completion of the work, can change dramatically. Skill expert marquetry to anticipate these processes and make inlaid pieces are not only beautiful but also durable. buy marquetry beds Technological advances, mass production almost destroyed the manual labor, individual vision of a master cabinetmaker, his skill and inspiration. Nowadays marquetry reborn, it is entering a new round of popularity. Dialers pieces of veneer is decorated with furniture and other home furnishings. It can be ornaments, and the whole picture, warm, natural color product looks elegant, it gives the interior warmth and personality. Repeat twice the same work done by hand master, it is impossible. Luxurious Furniture with marquetry technique exists in a single copy.

Inlaid furniture can be placed as any room, and fit into any interior. Mosaic in the main room in the house or apartment decorate cabinets and countertops. In our creative workshop can be arranged wardrobes to order, the master will perform work in the desired colors from light golden to look with ease, to dark, with rich reddish hue, tone, speaking about the soundness, adherence to the age-old traditions. Composing elements in the form of pictures of the room will be a key element in attracting the attention and delights its inhabitants and visitors. The apartment with the furniture you want to return after a hard day's work, it is a house where relatives are waiting for people who belong to you and to each other with warmth and love. buy marquetry panels Made by hand furniture to order - not just crafts, is a work of art, examples of which can be seen in the antique shops and the best museums of worldwide importance. Today furniture with marquetry - a measure of artistic taste and material wealth of its owner.

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